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Oak Park Parking Guidelines & Restrictions

Living in historic Oak Park in a vintage apartment has many advantages – cool community, historic vibe, stunning architecture, vibrant city feel without some of the big city frustrations like parking. Yes, many complain about the parking rules and regulations in Oak Park but in reality the parking here is… Read more »

Coffee: A Key Ingredient To Relationship Building

Today, being Valentine’s Day, is an important day to discuss tips for building a relationship. Respect and trust are essential.  Yet, here in Oak Park, another key ingredient is coffee. You are probably wondering “what could coffee possibly have to do with relationships?” Simply stated coffee has taken on a… Read more »

Sign Up For Oak Park’s Safety Notification System

Oak Park Apartments would like to encourage tenants (and all Oak Parkers) to sign up for the Village of Oak Park’s public safety notification system, Reverse 911.  This system will allow the village to directly communicate with residents when and if a public safety emergency were to arise by delivering important information… Read more »

Did You Know? Oak Park History 101

Did you know that Oak Park was originally named Oak Ridge?   Oak Park received its’ present day name only because there was another Illinois post office named Oak Ridge already in existence. Did you know that Oak Park had only a market, general store, a town newspaper and a… Read more »

Oak Park Keeps Getting Greener!

Oak Park has retained its’ top green community ranking from the Environmental Protection Agency scoring a 91.9% in the green power challenge! The green power community challenge was established in September 2011 and is a national, year-long campaign that encourages communities to use renewable energy. What does that almost 92%… Read more »

Cash Mob Update!

What’s a cash mob you ask? Cash mobs are an organized effort to help a specific small business on a particular day and time to boost their bottom line. Organized through social media sites such as facebook and Twitter, this “new social-networking-and-shopping movement” asks that people go to a particular… Read more »

Oak Park Number 3 In The Nation!

OakParkApartments.com is proud to announce that once again our favorite village, Oak Park, is in the news! The American Planning Association named Oak Park the third best neighborhood in the nation, yes we said Nation! This ranking is based on Oak Park being a “lively city and historical hub”  and… Read more »

OakParkApartments.com "Hammers" out Apartment Deal on "Carpenter" Street

OakParkApartments.com is pleased to announce the recent addition to our list of vintage properties, 730 South Carpenter Street. This 12 unit building boasts studio and 1 bedroom apartments in a quiet neighborhood environment. A short walk to the Southtown Business District gets you to a thriving business district with great… Read more »

Getting To Know E.E. Roberts

Oak Park is a community that has history.  E.E. Roberts, famed architect, was one of Oak Park’s historical notables. OakParkApartments.com likes knowing its history.  Many of OPA’s properties are vintage, being built during the early 1900’s and some properties are truly historic.  OPA feels that when a property is designed by… Read more »