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Choosing an Apartment Pet

little maltese dog and black and white cat sitting with owner on sofa in an apartment

Apartment living has its perks, but the downside for animal lovers is that some pets are simply too large, too active or too loud for even the most pet-friendly apartment buildings. If you already have a pet and are thinking about moving to an apartment, or you currently live in one of our pet-friendly Chicago area apartments and you are planning to adopt, here is some helpful information about the breeds that make the best roommates. Read more »

Earth Day 2018

Earth Day 2018

Earth Day began in 1970 and opened discussions over growing environmental concerns. Yet, here we are, 48 years later and the debate continues while worries about our Earth grow stronger.

Personal responsibility can go a long way towards impacting our planet. There are many ways communities, companies and individuals can do their part to improve their eco footprint and help the world. Read more »

Living Green in Your Apartment

Today we are more aware of the environment than ever before.  We know that living green isn’t difficult but does require a little thought and commitment. Below are a few green ideas that are simple to implement as well as making a positive impact on your health and the world in which you live. Read more »

Be Prepared, Severe Weather Ahead

Today’s swirling, snow-globe weather is deceiving as we head into what is meteorological spring. Spring weather here in the mid-west swings from sixty degree temperatures one day, snow the next. It is these swings that can produce some very dangerous weather, from icy streets to thunderstorms, from flooding to tornadoes, March can deliver a whole gamut of changing weather systems from one moment to the next. Read more »

Dog Parks Around Chicago

Two Dogs Playing in a Chicago Dog Park

Exercise is important for all dogs, but especially those that live in Chicago’s pet-friendly apartments. While the City of Chicago and the nearby Villages of Oak Park and Forest Park welcome leashed dogs in all of their public parks, all three also have designated dog-friendly areas for your best friend to run, play and socialize with other dogs off leash. Learn more about the various dog parks and dog friendly areas around Chicago, and find the one that’s closest you! Read more »

Tips to Keep Your Dog Happy Living in Your Apartment

When living in an apartment it is a fact of life that constant barking from your four-legged friend will not please your neighbors. You want both everybody to be happy. So how do you keep Fido content? Follow these tips to keep your dog happy living in your apartment and your neighbors even happier. Read more »

Tips on Splitting Bills With Roommates

One of the many advantages to having a roommate is splitting the bills. Yet, conversations about money aren’t easy even with the best of friends. By following these simple tips for splitting the bills with your roommate you will save money and have a successful living relationship. Read more »

Tips for Soundproofing Your Apartment

Apartment Soundproofing - Pretty Red Head Women asleep on her bed

Many apartment dwellers accept outside noise as a fact of life – some even like it – but if a quieter home is what you desire, these budget-friendly tips for soundproofing your apartment can help muffle and even mute the sounds coming into and out of your happy home. Whether you’re simply trying to be a courteous neighbor or hoping to silence the sounds from next door, these simple solutions should make for a quieter environment. Read more »