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Tips to Keep Your Dog Happy Living in Your Apartment

Tips to Keep Your Dog Happy Living in Your Apartment When living in an apartment it is a fact of life that constant barking from your four-legged friend will not please your neighbors. You want both everybody to be happy. So how do you keep Fido content? Follow these tips to… Read more »

Pet Rules & Regs

Oak Park Apartments is a pet friendly place for you and your four legged furry pal to call home.  But even though our apartments are pet friendly there are regulations associated with pet ownership that both the Village of Oak Park and our company have put into place to help to… Read more »

Keep Your Pet Safe This Holiday wants to make sure that along with the fun and festivities of the holidays your furry friends stay safe and healthy. With these few simple tips you can ensure that Fido and Fluffy have the best holiday ever! Beware, many holiday plants are poisonous. Mistletoe, holly, poinsettia and even many… Read more »

Be A Good, Pet Friendly Neighbor

Dogs and apartments do mix – especially when you are renting from, a pet-friendly apartment provider. What is the key to having a successful pet/apartment situation?  You, the owner! Here are some tips to making the best pet choice for you and your apartment lifestyle: Know your personality –… Read more »

Here's The Scoop On Oak Park's Dog Poop

Oak Park has rules regarding pets.  Those rules encompass how many pets, what type of pets, pet licensing, pet medical care, leash laws and yes, rules on pet poop and its’ necessary pick-up. Oak Park’s pet poop ordinance states: “The owner of an animal shall be responsible for the removal… Read more »