Studio Apartment Pros

Bigger is not always better.

Oak Park Apartments is seeing the “less is more” trend in the apartment market. Studio apartments have become the most sought after units for some very common sense reasons.

  • The # 1 reason to rent a studio apartment is less space = less cost.  The rent is less, the utilities are less & you don’t need to spend much to furnish your space./li>
  • Since a studio costs less you’ll be able to afford that smaller apartment in the hipper neighborhood or cooler apartment building.
  • Money saved on rent allows you to dine out, go to movies, concerts, plays, travel…. in other words you don’t have to be confined to your 4 walls because studio living is more affordable to begin with.
  • Your own space – no roommate issues.
  • There are fabulous designs for smaller spaces – living small is all the rage!
  • Not much space to clean – you can spend your time doing fun stuff, so put away the vacuum!
  • Guests won’t be a problem for more than a day or two!

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