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Keep Your Apartment Secure While You Are On Vacation

That long planned for, highly anticipated vacation is just around the corner.  You’ve made all your arrangements, researched your destination and packed your bags. You’re ready to go, right? Almost. In order to ensure that you have no surprises post – getaway, there are a few vacation security suggestions to add… Read more »

Oak Park Apartments – Vintage Craftsmanship

Oak Park Apartments loves its’ vintage courtyard apartments because these buildings have character, both inside and out, that can not be found in new construction.  Built between the early 1900’s through the 1920’s, these properties hearken back to a day and time when craftsmanship was about the details.  From crown molding,… Read more »

How Not To Split Hairs When Splitting The Rent

We have all heard the phrase, “sharing is caring” but in terms of having a roommate the best way to divvy up what is owed is to spell out the expenses and exactly how much each roommate will contribute. Then, get it in writing, with both roommates signing a roommate… Read more »