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How To Avoid Roommate Problems Before You Move In Together

Saving money is only one of the pluses of having a roommate.  Not only are you able to split the cost of rent and utilities roommates can: Help expand each others network of friends, especially if you are new to an area. Provide a sense of security for those who… Read more »

Renting Your First Apartment

You have your first job out of college and are moving out of your parents house and/or college housing. You are looking to rent your first apartment – a definite rite of passage, but renting an apartment is different when you are not in a college setting and living on… Read more »

The Pros of Having a Roomie

Roommates can offer more benefits then just the obvious plus of cheaper rent/splitting utility costs. Though saving $$ is a big reason to consider wanting to share a space can point to a few other reasons of why having a roommate can be a positive experience. Security. Two people coming… Read more »

How Not To Split Hairs When Splitting The Rent

We have all heard the phrase, “sharing is caring” but in terms of having a roommate the best way to divvy up what is owed is to spell out the expenses and exactly how much each roommate will contribute. Then, get it in writing, with both roommates signing a roommate… Read more »