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There’s More to Oak Park Architecture than Just Frank Lloyd Wright

Frank Lloyd Wright has put Oak Park on the architectural map, making our village a destination for those who love both architecture and history. FLW may be the most famous of Oak Park craftsmen but there are other notable architects that have left their mark on homes, churches and yes, apartments,… Read more »

Who Started Apartment Living Anyway?

              Oak Park is a community rich with history and Oak Park Apartments likes to highlight that history. Pondering our own history made us curious about the history of apartment buildings and that search led us all the way back to ancient Rome. Yes, we… Read more »

Oak Park Is A Location To Love

When deciding on where to live we have all heard the mantra: location, location, location.   Choosing a good location to call home, whether you rent or own makes sense. What factors make a “good” location? Excellent school systems, an economically stable community, being near public transportation, jobs, entertainment and… Read more »

FLW Building? A Definite Maybe!’s property located at the corner of Elmwood Avenue and Lake Street, has raised some serious architectural questions over the years. Present day architects and historians believe that this property might be designed by famed Oak Park architect, Frank Lloyd Wright. Frank Lloyd Wright is pretty well known and not one… Read more »

The Elmwood Tea Room had heard rumors about a “Tea Room” being located at our 418 Lake St. property (Lake and Elmwood is how it is fondly referred to).  Looking for some information on the history of the the “Tea Room”, OakParkApartments went to its’ friends at The Historical Society of Oak Park… Read more »

E.E. Roberts Park Manor Property Shines Like No Other has many buildings that are truly architecturally beautiful but none that are quite as significant as our Park Manor property, located at 173 – 181 North Grove. This architectural gem of a courtyard apartment building is said to be one the the most distinguished designs of famed architect, E.E.… Read more »

Know Your Apartment History

The term “apartment” is all American but the origins of apartment living date back all the way to ancient Rome.  Owning a home, back in ancient Rome, was only for the wealthy and in fact most Romans lived in apartment buildings termed insulae, or islands, because they would take up… Read more »

The Devil Is In The Detail – Architectural Detail, That Is.

19th and 20th century architectural styles were greatly influenced by Greek, Roman, Gothic and Renaissance architecture. Here in America, those styles inspired many of the designs that we see today. Oak Park’s many vintage apartment buildings were no exception to these influences. Many multi-unit properties incorporated many classic elements into… Read more »

Thank You Bicycle Barclay wants to give a nod of thanks to Oak Park’s earliest unofficial historian, Philander Barclay. Barclay was a bicycle repairman by trade with a passion for photography. Sometime in the 1880’s Bicycle Barclay, as he is fondly known, diligently traversed throughout the two communities of Oak Park and River Forest… Read more »

Tips On Expressing Your Own Personal "Guy-Style"

Men are you tired of milk crate book shelves and grandpa’s hand-me-down recliner defining your style?  Yet, calling your mom for design assistance could produce even more dire decorating consequences. Don’t be afraid.  By following these few simple tips is confident that you will find your own personal guy-style. Quality.… Read more »